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Scuba Diving Trips Essex – Caribbean Diving Holidays

Scuba diving trips can take you to a whole assortment of places. One of the most common and most popular destinations for this amazing past time is

Diving in the Caribbean is incredibly varied and accessible for all diver experience levels… so it is never too soon to jet off to the endless beaches, sun drenched islands and sublime diving that awaits. Each island retains its own special blend of magic and no two Caribbean islands are exactly alike. So let Scuba Travel guide you through the options for your Caribbean diving adventure. But rest assured, wherever you choose for your Caribbean holiday, unforgettable memories, bags of laid-back charm and complete relaxation await.

Scuba Diving Trips

Many of the Caribbean destinations are fragmented island chains – liveaboards enable you to see the best range of dive sites within a single trip, minimising transfers and maximising bottom time. Scuba Travel offer a number of different liveaboard options and exciting itineraries in the Caribbean so there is plenty to keep even the most experienced diver entertained. As divers ourselves, we only work with those boat operators that deliver time and time again the most exhilarating diving holidays and meet our exacting standards. If you prefer the get your dive fix with the added relaxation of a palm fringed resort then we have some of the very best dive resorts in the Caribbean to chose from. You can still escape the hoardes with our hand picked Caribbean resorts in Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Mexico. A world away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, the Caribbean is full of surprises and will make you fall in love with diving all over again.


Get off the beaten track and discover St Kitts Island. This tiny island punctuates the bluest of seas and beneath the waves are submerged pinnacles, daring drift dives and pelagic’s. This is Caribbean diving at its most exciting. This is something of a secret destination so visit now before the everyone knows just how good it is!


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