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 Scuba Diving Abroad Essex – Red Sea Diving Holidays

Scuba diving abroad can be the best part of any holiday!

The Red Sea really is a one of a kind place and should not be overlooked by any diver, no matter what your experience level. Thanks to its geography, the Red Sea is warm all year round and virtually enclosed – which has enabled a totally unique marine ecology to develop. There are species found here that no other patch of water can offer, along side some of the more typical fishy favourites.

Egypt has traditionally been the Red Sea destination to head for. From quiet, intimate resorts on the water’s edge to large all inclusive options with all mod cons. Why not escape from the shoreline and sail further out to sea on one of the sleek sexy modern live-a-boards, where the superb service compliments an awesome programme of diving.

Looking further down the Red Sea, Sudan stands out as a supreme destination. Isolated and unexplored, diving in Sudan mixes up sharks, manta and great wrecks with the same luxury that makes our live-a-boards so popular.

And if you are on the hunt for that really special somewhere, Djibouti comes last in the Red Sea but is by no means least of all the destinations. Off the beaten track, the diving here is all about whale-sharks. Juveniles and adults, ram feeding or languidly cruising, Djibouti really does offer divers and non divers a treat that few places in the world can match.



 Scuba Diving Abroad Essex – Egypt

The Egypt part of the Red Sea is home to some of the most famous dive sites in the world. Regardless of you’re looking for wreck or reefs the Red Sea is a perfect destination. Scuba Travel have hand picked an exclusive range of Egyptian live-a-boards and Red Sea resorts.

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Scuba Diving Abroad Essex – Sudan

Sudan marks the final frontier of Red Sea scuba diving holidays with a myriad of diving opportunities that will thrill. Yet Sudan is a vast country and her seas are no less expansive. A live-a-board in Sudan remains the only way to really experience all that is on offer to scuba divers.

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Scuba Diving Abroad Essex – Djibouti

Djibouti is far from the beaten track for most scuba divers but if it is whale-sharks you want to see, there is no place better. Whilst most whale-shark encounters are close to shore, we stingily recommend a live-a-board here so you can escape the crowds of day boat snorkelers and focus on these stunning plankton eating sharks.